Tuesday, 19 October 2010

7.10 Concepts

We had in all seven teams presenting their concepts. Most of the concepts were targeted at Energia-Helmi project for forwarding creative industries in Satakunta region. Harri Sippola from Posek came to hear and comment, and went away happy with a few concepts stuck in his pocket. We understand he seriously wants to engage a group of students to further work on their concept, which then will be realized within the Energia-Helmi.

Aapo, Ella, Jenny, Johanna and Petra presented a concept "Energy fo Energy", which is meant to motivate employees in firms to save energy - the saved amount will then be invested into the well-being of the employees. Eero, Heikki, Jani and Riia told us that "Lights go out NOW": presenting a event or series of events to be realized during Pori Jazz, and to increase people's knowledge about energy and its consumption - in new and creative ways. Aino-Maija, Hanna and Yereum had prepared the concept "Good  energy with synergy"which consisted of small examples how to boost economy and well-being with social enterprises (pictures come from their presentation). Eeva, Maria and Saana had a vision about the new commercial center to be built in and around Puuvilla premises.

Erica, Leena, Marika and Satu had done thorough work with a campaign to forward local food. And Jenni, Kristiina, Marjo, Mia, Vesa and Ville introduced a concept www.matkusta.fi to forward use of public transport, based on a research questionnaire they had carried out among UC Pori employees.

And finally something completely different: Miika and Tuuti had an idea for a book, which everybody is going to buy. Wherefore we will not tell what it is all about before it is out!

Thanks guys for great work!

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