Thursday, 23 September 2010

Concept design presentation for the course, requirements of

The presentation of your concept or concept design plan needs to include following items:

1.     What is your concept? The idea.

2.     What background information do you need?
-       books, research, other readings and where can you find these? Consult at least one source. What did you learn?
-       benchmark – and benchmark at least two previous examples. How does your concept differ?
-       Interview key persons: would this help? Who might they be?
3.     Users
-       who are your users?
-       Where will you find them? how can you reach them?
-       What is your concept giving to them?
-       Test your concept with at least one user, or explain how that will be done
4.     How will the concept be realized?
-       resources – time, money, people
-       who are needed to be involved? (users, clients/ commisioners, finance, permissions etc.)
-       other?
5.     Potential for further development?

If you have attended the classes and participated actively in a group, your presentation can be in the form of a ppt slides and spoken presentation explaining all the angles.

If you have missed significant amount of classes and discussion, and/or if you are not presenting your concept in class, you need to submit a minimum 5 page written report including above items. You can use pictures, but all issues need to be also written out.

16.9. What is concept design? and Energy.

What is concept design: the slides.

We also heard Harri Sippola from Posek talk about development of creative industries in Satakunta, especially the Energy Pearl project. Students divided into groups most of which are working on concepts related to the development project.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

CBM Concept Design course fall 2010

Welcome to the course! This course will be more about doing than having lectures. We will talk about the basics of concept design, of user-centered and user-driven design, and about project management. All this to give you tools to do what is the central focus of the course: design a concept, preferably in teams.

For this year I have chosen a theme, which will be presented by Harri Sippola from Posek: development of creative industry businesses. The interesting thing here is that you can create concepts for the Satakunta Helmi ("pearl) and how to go about the project, that can be utilized and realized.

The program for the course:

10 - 16 Introduction to Media Production studies as part of Visual Culture studies in the department

12 - 14 What is a concept, what is concept design?
14 - 15 Harri Sippola presents the development project for creative industries in Satakunta
15 - 16 Form groups, ideate concepts

12 - 16 Who is the user, what is user-driven design? Thinking of the users of your concepts.

12 - 16 Project management basics. Planning your concept as a project.

12 - 16 Groups present their concepts

To pass the course you need to participate actively, be present but also participate in discussions and groups. The idea is you take part in a group that designs a concept for developing creative industries within this Helmi-project. You need to have an idea, do some background research, pay special attention to whoever gets to defined the "user", draft a concept plan and present it.

I will give links to some texts, and present some ppts - but the most important thing is getting your own imagination and innovativeness working.