Thursday, 23 September 2010

Concept design presentation for the course, requirements of

The presentation of your concept or concept design plan needs to include following items:

1.     What is your concept? The idea.

2.     What background information do you need?
-       books, research, other readings and where can you find these? Consult at least one source. What did you learn?
-       benchmark – and benchmark at least two previous examples. How does your concept differ?
-       Interview key persons: would this help? Who might they be?
3.     Users
-       who are your users?
-       Where will you find them? how can you reach them?
-       What is your concept giving to them?
-       Test your concept with at least one user, or explain how that will be done
4.     How will the concept be realized?
-       resources – time, money, people
-       who are needed to be involved? (users, clients/ commisioners, finance, permissions etc.)
-       other?
5.     Potential for further development?

If you have attended the classes and participated actively in a group, your presentation can be in the form of a ppt slides and spoken presentation explaining all the angles.

If you have missed significant amount of classes and discussion, and/or if you are not presenting your concept in class, you need to submit a minimum 5 page written report including above items. You can use pictures, but all issues need to be also written out.

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